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Often when people move or are going to get a new bed, they have the old one removed, and tragically send the bed frame right out the door with the old box set.  If you need to replace your bed frame, or could benefit from one that is adjustable or flexible, stop by Colorado Springs Mattress Store. We have a great selection of bed frames to fit all sizes of box springs, foundations, and mattresses, from twin and twin XL to Eastern and California (Western) King.  We also have frames that are adjustable, so if you happen to have an odd sized or shaped mattress and foundation, we may be able to help you with that challenge as well.

Your bed frame is the support system that goes under a mattress and box spring to provide height, stability, position, and support. Bed frames keep your bed where it belongs, and the parts from sliding around. It also makes the difference on having the box spring off the floor, meaning your toes do not find it before your body is comfortable in bed.   There are several types of frames available, and there is newer technology that works extremely well with gel, memory, and latex foam mattress systems.

The tried and true standard in bed frames is a two part, adjustable steel frame that has feet or rollers on the bottom of the legs. Advantageous when having to move, most of these type frames came apart in two pieces, fold up, and are easy to transport. The frames usually lock together with a clamp that has a thumb screw to lock the two sides together under pressure.  There are many more choices in frames today, thanks to the different styles of mattresses and box springs and foundations for sale. Metal frames of differing construction, platforms, four post wooden frames, sleigh beds with a “box” designed at the bedrails, or a solid frame, similar to a waterbed frame that holds the foundation and mattress in place, are all choices. Which one you utilized is determined by the type of mattress system you choose, the height you prefer your bed set off the floor, and your personal preferences and style. 

Another option that works with some mattresses is an adjustable bed frame. Generally made from semi-rigid steel, these frames allow the head of the bed to be raised and lowered, and the leg or knee zones to be as well. They are especially helpful for those who read in bed, people with medical issues or convalescing, or simply your own personal comfort. We can advise you if the mattress system you are interested in is adaptable to an adjustable frame, and we have them here in the store so you can see how they operate and the level of comfort they provide.

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With solid, sturdy side rails, back set legs that avoid tripping or being kicked, and easy to assemble arms that fold flat to store, a metal bed frame is a good option that is economical, durable, and practical.  Most metal frames can be attached to nearly any headboard system to increase the stability of the bed and frame. If you are looking for a more modern look, a platform frame works very well with many of the newer materials being used in mattresses including foam, latex, and some pillow and Euro tops. Colorado Springs Mattress Store has a good selection of bed frames on hand, and we can order many others to meet your requirements. Bring us the size of your box spring, foundation, or mattress, and we will help you select a bed frame that fits your needs and is reasonably priced. Call us, or send in our contact form if you have questions, so we can help you get your bed at the right height and where you want it to stay in your sleeping area. 

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