The Right Box Springs, Colorado Springs, For Your Mattress

Box springs, or foundations as they are also commonly called, provide both height and support underneath a mattress. Traditional innerspring mattresses do best with a box spring or foundation underneath them, as each type of mattress and box spring are designed and manufactured as a set. This means that the box spring is laid out and provides support specific to how the mattress is constructed, and where the coil or innerspring system is placed inside that mattress. A box spring or foundation provide on average 40% of the total overall support in a mattress set, so having the correct box spring underneath your mattress makes a big difference in the amount of support, and probably comfort, you gain while resting. 

Not every type of mattress requires you absolutely must have a box spring or foundation under your mattress, but at Colorado Springs Mattress Store, we always recommend using your foundation if at all possible. You will have improved comfort from your new mattress, and extend its life and ability to give you a restful night of deep sleep. Many of our quality lines of mattress systems come with a foundation free as part of the package. Most others have a very minimal cost for the correct foundation or box spring for that particular mattress. As with all our high quality beds, you can easily add the box spring or foundation to a financing agreement.

Ask Us About Your Mattress Warranty and Why You Need a Foundation

Many manufacturers warranty their mattresses only if the correct box spring or foundation is used underneath their particular brand and construction of mattress. The reason is that a box spring made for another design of mattress can actually cause break down and damage to a different mattress over time. The weight distributions are different, coils and cross members are in different places, and covering at different points and thicknesses. Mismatched sets do not provide you the optimum support, or the best durability for your mattress. 

It is especially important when utilizing a memory or latex foam, gel foam, Euro or pillow top system to have the right foundation under the mattress to augment the support and prevent unnecessary wear. Many memory, latex, or foam mattresses cannot be used successfully on a slat frame system, but can be used directly on the floor or a platform foundation. Some of those same mattresses are compatible with adjustable frame beds, and usually do not require a foundation.

Is Getting On and Off the Bed a Challenge? A Box Spring Foundation Can Help

Besides correct support and wear, another important consideration for using the recommended box spring is the overall height of your bed. Generally speaking, latex, memory, and gel foam mattresses, even on a platform base with legs, are anywhere between 7 – 9 inches lower than a standard bed with a box spring on a frame. If the ease of standing and sitting on your bed is a consideration, keep this in mind when picking out a system. Nearly all foam or latex beds can be placed over a quality box spring if the additional height is important for your comfort.  Many box spring systems come in different heights to accommodate the type of bed frame you may have, thereby achieving a comfortable height just right for you. The common heights are approximately 9 inches for a standard foundation, and between 5-6 inches for a low profile type. 

If you are looking for a new mattress, or purchased one and need to find a box spring, call us or send in our contact form, and make sure to know the brand and size of mattress you own. One of our experienced mattress specialists at Colorado Springs Mattress Store will contact you, and we will find a box spring to help you get the extra comfort you deserve. If you are in the market for a new mattress and box spring set at a great price, we offer the most competitive prices in the entire central Colorado region for high quality, extremely comfortable, long lasting mattresses from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We look forward to helping you get many really great nights of sleep.

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